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Do something GOOD!

Not everyone has the same privileges as we do. We had to realize this on our trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. When we visited the schools on site, we were shocked: decrepit rooms, few, old school materials and no proper teacher training. The latter is a bigger problem than we thought, as most people do not want to work as teachers because of the poor pay or are unable to do so because of a lack of education.

This is exactly where we want to start! We want to create jobs through funded education and training. In addition to increasing the number of teaching staff, we also want to establish production facilities in various areas where people can find work as well as appreciation. In this area, we are also, through our helpful, local network, the point of contact for numerous clients and partners who want to contribute locally to development aid.

We have also founded our own label, "Le Mellau", through which we collect additional funds for development in these places.

We founded this association because we remembered how much we have, how blessed we are and how grateful we can and should be! We want to offer opportunities and possibilities to people who do not enjoy the same privileges as we do. 


That's the vision - that's Borderless Education!

Want to join the project and do something good?

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information!

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